Stories Of Aspiration - Vol 3

Freedom Finisher Journeys and Epic Transformations

I Can Coach Vol 3 - Stories Of Aspiration
I Can Coach Vol3 - Stories Of Aspiration

About - Volume 3

Would you like to discover the amazing strength of the human spirit and learn what it takes to be a leader?

In the third volume of "I CAN COACH," called "Stories of Aspiration," we dive into the journeys of numerous digital coaches who are embarking on their path to success. These individuals share how they kickstarted their knowledge-based businesses by participating in our Hackathons and emerging as Freedom Finishers.

Since 2018, Siddharth Rajsekar has led the way in India's digital coaching scene, influencing countless coaches and trainers worldwide. His straightforward yet impactful methods have motivated educators to create thriving learning environments based on solid principles and values.

This book is all about the journeys of 48 digital coaches who dared to start their own online coaching businesses. These brave individuals embraced the Freedom Business Model and transformed their lives in remarkable ways. Along the way, they've inspired countless others with their stories of courage and success.

Discover and embrace your innate talents. Pursue what excites you and dare to dream big. Confidence in yourself is key—your belief in your abilities is your superpower. Join us on this transformative journey, and united, let's turn our dreams into tangible achievements.

About Siddharth Rajsekar

Siddharth Rajsekar aka Sidz is the founder of the Internet Lifestyle Hub, one of the world’s largest communities for coaches, trainers, teachers and experts with over 25,000+ members. As an acclaimed lifestyle entrepreneur and international speaker, Sidz has trained over 500,000+ people.

Recognized as one of India’s leading and sought-after “info-marketing” specialists, Siddharth has been featured in leading newspapers across the country and worked on projects involved with people like Robert Kiyosaki, T Harv Eker, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy & Jack Canfield – to name a few.

After running many multi-million dollar online campaigns for companies and helping people make money online in the last 10 years, Siddharth has developed and perfected the “Freedom Business Model” which is helping thousands of people take their expertise online – which focuses on building a super-profitable digital coaching business – without any office or employees.

His mission is to reform our education and employment system by building a new breed of Digital Leaders, built on core principles of humanity & simplicity – by improving one's social skills, happiness, productivity, and awesomeness.

SIddharth Rajsekar

Featured Authors

Akanksha Verma

Akanksha Verma

Communication Coach for Career Growth 

My Shades Of Gray!

Aman Khurana

Aman Khurana

Life Mastery Mentor & Digital Leadership Coach

From Divine Whispers to Wagging Tails: My Unconventional Path of Change with God, Theo the Dog, and the Teacher Who Redefined Everything

Arundhati N

Arundhati N

Fitness Trainer & Emotional Wellness Coach

How My Son’s Condition Changed My Life: An Autimom’s Journey

B Jayashree

B Jayasree

Corporate Readiness Expert 

From ‘Can I?’ to ‘I Can!’

Bhavini Sharma

Bhavini Sharma

Yoga Teacher & Coach

A Yoga Teacher's Journey To Financial Freedom By Learning The Art Of Managing Money

Sonal Singh

Coach Sonal Chauhan

Happiness Painting Coach/Stress Healer

The Happiness Painting Way of Life

Devanand Jiglekar

Devanand Jiglekar

Product Design Engineer Coach

How I Turned Adversity into a Mission to Transform Product Design Engineer's Career

Dharanidharan Rajkumar

Dharanidharan Rajkumar

Spanish Language Acquisition Coach

How I Challenged the Challenges: My Story of Becoming a Spanish Language Acquisition Coach

Dr Ankita Singh

Dr. Ankita Singh

Diabetes Reversal Expert

Diabetes & Doubt to a Dream Lifestyle: A Mom's Ayurvedic Journey to Finding Purpose

Dr Ashwani Sharma

Dr. Ashwani Sharma

Money Sanskar Coach

Fostering A Path from Monetary Stress to Financial Mastery

Dr Gurucharan Singh Gwalior

Dr. Gurcharan Singh Gwalior

Abundance Accelerator Strategist

Metamorphosis from a Struggler to a Solution Architect

Dr Parvin Lasania

Dr. Parvin Lasania

Mind-Body-Hacker Coach

Brain Tumour to Joyfulness

Dr Srinidhi Veldanda

Dr. Srinidhi Veldanda

Life Coach & Author

What Does it Take to Lose Yourself and Experience a Rebirth?

Dr Tania Das

Dr. Tania Das

Mindshape Wealth Coach

Shaping The Mind Through Divine Intervention

Fakhera Shawar

Fakhera Shahwar

Cherish Childhood - Multiple Intelligence Expert 

Raising the Bar & Going Beyond The Comfort Zone


Harshitha M G

Kids Life Coach

Mom’s Passion and Mission: Empowering Gen Z with Ancient Wisdom

Hetal Desai

Hetal Desai

Resilience Coach

From Rickshaw Rides to Successful Resilience Coach — Mentored by Sidz & Father


Kavithanjali Ranjith

Emotional Intelligence & Parenting Coach

What Shifted in My Life When I Shifted My Focus

Lakshmi Nanduri

Lakshmi Nanduri

Digital Marketing Coach, Scientist 

Passion Reignited at 21,000 ft: A Holistic Fulfillment Odyssey Back to Work After a Heartfelt Hiatus


Lalitha J

Digital Income Expert

My Big Question: What Do I Do if I Were to Lose My High-Paying IT Job?

Loretta Sridhar

Loretta Sridhar

English Communication Mastery Coach

As I Jumped off the Cliff In A Flash, My Unseen Wings Soared to New Horizons

Marri Gopi

Marri Gopi Srinivas Reddy

Vaastu Shastra Consultant

Carrying Forward The Educative Legacy of My Ancestors with Vaastu Shastra

Maurya SN

Maurya SN

Career Success Coach

Limitations to Liberation: A Journey from Career Crisis to Career Coach

Pooja Bhargav

Pooja Bhargav K

Parenting Coach for New & Expecting Moms

First-time Mom to Freedom Finisher: Navigating the COVID Era, One Baby Step at a Time

Pooja Nithin Porwal

Pooja Nitin Porwal

Career Growth Catalyst

Lost in the Serene Beauty of Ladakh, I Discovered the Missing Piece to My Life's Puzzle

Poonam Sarkar

Poonam Sarkar

Sustainable Lifestyle Coach

Beyond the Surface: Discovering Hidden Talents and My Life’s Purpose to Sustainable Living

Pradeep Hariharan

Pradeep Hariharan

IELTS & Fluency Expert

Defying Odds: The Metamorphosis of a Kidney Patient to an English Fluency Expert

Praful Verma

Praful Varma

HVAC Sales Specialist

Reinventing the HVAC Wheel for Energy Efficiency, Clean Air, and Smart Home Solutions

Preetika Shenoy

Preethika Shenoy

Productivity Manifestation Coach

The Power of Self-Love in My Journey to Becoming a Life Coach

Preeti Agarwal

Preeti Agarwal

KidzBiz Coach

Dreams Are Not Confined to Our Today

Renuka Eddu

Renuka Shri

English Speaking Coach 

An English Teacher's Journey: From Private Tutoring to Online Digital Coaching

Rupali Goyal

Rupali Goyal

Healer & Law of Attraction Coach

Crown to Calling — From Winning the Title to Winning Hearts

Sathvika Mangaharam

Saatvika Mangharam

Yoga & Wellness Coach

From Burnout to Business — A Yoga Teacher’s Journey

Sangita Chauhan

Sangita Chauhan

Self Empowerment Coach

Decoding Success: Transforming Unclear Actions Into Result Driven Strategies

Sanjay Mhatre

Sanjay Mhatre

Architecture & Design Entrance Exams Coach

Connecting The Six Dots: Art, Architecture, Science, Spirituality, Education & Entrepreneurship

Sasirekha Chandrasekharan

Sasirekha Chandrasekaran

Women Work-life Alchemist

Stressless Success Code: Revealing the 7 Heartfelt Sacred Keys for Busy Women to Transform Dreams into Reality

Selma Beary

Selma Beary

Meaningful Scribbling Coach

Goodbye to Camera Shyness & Fear of Public Speaking

Shalu Popli

Shalu Popli

Life Fulfillment Coach and Mindset Trainer

How I Turned My Mess Into a Message

Shubhamjeet Kumar

Shubhamjeet Kumar

Affiliate Marketer & System Setup Coach

Systems Did Not Work, I Did Not Fail: From Terminated Accounts To Freedom Finisher

Shwetha Gupta

Shweta Gupta

Career Branding Coach

A Mom’s Guide to Juggling Diapers, Career and Dreams

Siddhartha Taya

Siddhartha Taya

Unstoppable Mindset Coach

26 Years of Work, Gone in 1 Day. How I Rebuild Myself in the Next 6 Years

Smita Pradhan

Smita Pradhan

Dream Mother Mentor

How 5 Miscarriages Paved the Way to a Miracle

Stanley Richard

Stanly Richard

Financial Harmony Coach

I believed “God Punishes Rich People”, until…

Sudeep Kumar

Sudeep Kumar

Coding Excellence Coach

My Second Job Loss to An Unexpected Entrepreneurial Triumph

Sujata Tole

Sujata Tole

Academic Excellence Coach for Teenager Students

Growing Gracefully like a Bamboo Tree

Suman Manjrekhar

Suman Manjrekar

Money Magnet Coach

From ‘Not Good Enough’ to “Unstoppable”

Supriya AVS

Supriya AVS

Emotional Health Coach

Transforming Wounds to Wisdom!

Suraj Kumar

Suraj Kumar A S

Counsellor & Parenting Coach

Beyond Ego: A Coach's Journey to Purpose and Collective Victory

Surajit Mishra

Surajit Mishra

Principled Educator

Reinventing Self: Corporate Mistake to Corporate Mystic

Taresh Bhatia

Taresh Bhatia

Financial Freedom Specialist

Transformative Odyssey: Taresh’s Journey to Financial Freedom

Trrupti A Khan

Trrupti A Khan

Canva Alchemist

A Canva Queen's Saga of Crafting Cashflows

Veeranarayan Kulkarni

Veeranarayan Kulkarni

Holistic Health Coach

A Cyclist's Memoir: 41 Days on the Saddle, Pedalling 4000km from Kashmir to Kanyakumari

Vidya Murugappan

Vidhya Ramasamy Murugappan

Fashion Business Coach

Strutting the Catwalk as a Fashion Business Coach with ILH and Sidz

Disclosure: This book series, "I CAN COACH" volumes 1, 2 and 3, authored by Siddharth Rajsekar, the founder of the Internet Lifestyle Hub, contains real-life stories and personal journeys of the author and other contributors. All authors have voluntarily submitted their stories with the intention of inspiring and motivating readers. Each author has reviewed and approved their respective stories for publication, and they are solely accountable for the content they have provided. The income and results presented in this book are exceptional and are not intended to serve as guarantees. In accordance with applicable laws, we cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to achieve similar results or earn money using the ideas, information, tools, strategies, courses, or training materials presented in this book. Your results in life are determined by your individual actions and circumstances. This book offers valuable content, direction, and strategies that have been effective for the author, the Internet Lifestyle Hub, and their students. We believe that this content can provide guidance and assistance on your personal journey, but your success depends on your efforts and choices. For access to our terms, privacy policies, and additional disclaimers related to the Internet Lifestyle Hub community, please visit InternetLifestyleHub.com. Transparency and integrity are core principles that we uphold, and we invite you to review our policies for a comprehensive understanding of our standards.

Thank you for choosing to engage with this book. We hope that the content within brings you significant value and serves as a source of inspiration on your path to transformation and personal growth.

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